BELL SCISSORS For Professional

Evolved miraculous sharpness

Scissors to prevent foreign contamination incidents born from on-site comments by those who desired this sharpness

cissors are essential to open the raw ingredients of foods. However, there is a risk regular scissors will cause fraying and so won’t be able to cut properly leading to a foreign substance contamination incident. It is very difficult to deal with such an incident afterward.

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Sharpness of BELL SCISSORS: in the case of vinyl

Complete cutting = Work efficiency improvement + No fraying

Ordinary scissors cannot completely cut or find it difficult to cut vinyl. This means it takes several cuts. This leads to fraying. This is one of the causes of foreign matter contamination incidents. You can cleanly cut vinyl at once with just a light force using BELL SCISSORS.

BELL SCISSORS are professional scissors for indusial use. However, in addition to workplaces, their sharpness is also perfect for the home, so please give them a try.

A sharpness that you will to boast about

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